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Welcome to the Home of Twisted Visionz Car Club
Est: August 2006

Twisted Visionz Car Club

Thank you for taking the time to visit our new site. As a club and family that's always on the move, we want to give you the opportunity to stay in touch with us as well as see what we are up to.



Twisted Visionz was established in August of 2006 by Justin Whitted.  Since the club's debut our presence in the community has been becoming more well known and respected. Each one of our members believe in Quality over Quantity.


We are a very close linked club. We all consider each other family so we preach loyalty, dedication, and support ethics throughout the club. Professionalism is a big part of what we as a whole are about as well.

Some Photos of the Team

Twisted Visionz Car Club Policies 



All new member prospects vehicles should have some modification done to them that way you as the prospect has something to show us along with your interest.  The vehicle does not have to be a complete showstopper, horsepower monster, or have a 200+db capable system to be a part of our family, but we do ask that the car be clean, presentable and have mods that will look good at shows and other events we do as a club.  Prospects are also required to go through a simple probation period.  The length of this probation period varies.  It can be anywhere from 1 to 12 months.  The length of the probation period before a membership decision is made, solely depends on the prospects' ATTITUDE, PARTICIPATION, CHARACTER, and VEHICLE PROGRESS, and OVERALL DRIVE.


This probation period can be thought of as a window for the prospect to get to know the current members of the family and vice versa, it allows us as the current family to get a feel for the new prospect as well as give the prospect a chance to see if being a Part of Twisted Visionz is ideally something he/she still may want to do.


During the probation period all prospects are welcome to participate in any events we have as a club and are encouraged to bring loved ones or friends/family whom may be interested as well.Prospect membership or non-membership is decided on the opinions/votes of current members.


Twisted Visionz prospects will be required to wear a club prospect badge on the front windshield of their respective ride until they are voted into the club whereas the prospect indicator will be removed.


ALL MEMBERS of Twisted Visionz are required to wear the club badges on their rides and wear club shirts during all club events. 


Twisted Visionz is a non-dues paying club. The Only fees for the club are forVehicle Badge which is $8 when you become a prospect and the purchase of your club shirt when you become a full member which is $55.


Outside of the above, we work together and collectively fund anything we need. We are a family so that's how everything is treated. Any club financial needs will be brought up in our meetings and handled accordingly.



With the establishment of anything, there are going to be rules and regulations.  These rules and regulations are put in place to help promote Dedication, Safety, and Professionalism to name a few.  Viewing these rules and regulations are a way to see if Twisted Visionz is something you truly want to be a part of. 


1.  Each member of the club must be dedicated to building and supporting the club itself as well as the members. We are a family. And family supports family.


2. Each member is required to wear a badge on his/or her ride with the club logo via windshield badges.


3. NEVER disrespect any other club or individuals vehicle. Act in a mature and responsible manner.  This club will not tolerate any unnecessary activities. Be professional!


4. NEVER become complacent.  Complacency is the downfall to many things in life. Always look for ways to improve upon it. The car industry is and will continue to be an expensive one, if you are not prepared to make that investment.  Your Vision will never become what it could’ve been.


5. DEDICATION!!!!!  Make all necessary attempts to attend club events and shows.  It is important to show outsider’s and potential club members that we mean business at all times.  This goes for Cruises, casual meets, or just happening to bump into each other.  If any members are at the same place together, try and park together. 


6. Get to know all your club members.  The foundation can only be solid if we are comfortable with each other. Twisted Visionz is a place where great friendships can be made, so have fun!


7.  Support your fellow members.


8.  Again! Support the Club and its’ Cause!


9.  Twisted Visionz does not believe in one style of vehicle. We believe in Every Aspect and rendition of the automotive industry. Just like our personalities.  Our vehicle style will be different as well.  We Welcome that with indifference. Whether you like to ride high or low. Fast or Cruise slow.  Trucks, Cars or Bikes.  We love it all. We do ask that the vehicle be able to show in different events we attend.


10.  Last, but, definately not least.  By all means have fun, Never forget to have fun. Laughing is the biggest stress reliever known to man. So use it, ha ha!


Twisted Visionz Car Club was not created on a Half-Ass attitude. With that being said, neither will your car if you are a part of this movement.  Half-ass attitudes are prohibited in Twisted Visionz. You're either with us fully or not at all.


Come Be a Part of Our Family!!

Current Club Members


Justin (Pres/Founder) - Mazda 6/BMW 335

Kareen - Honda CRX

Jimmy - Subaru Legacy 2.5GT

Eric - Kawasaki Ninja

Andrew - Mitsubishi EvoX

Chris - Volkswagen GTI

Gary - Mazdaspeed 6

Jason - Chevy Corvette Z06/Ford Mustang

Josue - Chevy Camaro Z28

Mike - Toyota Supra

Nick - Datsun 280Z

Russell - Honda Civic/Kawasaki Ninja

Carlos - Honda Civic SI

For Any Questions or Concerns please use the form below to contact us. Thank You!

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Club Windshield Badge

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