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Twisted Visionz Photography

"Precision and Captivating Imagery"

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Very well versed in all aspects of photography, but holds a special love and expertise in Automotive oriented Imagery due to a deep background in the Car Scene and building cars. In Need of a Photographer? Drop a line so we can discuss what you're looking for and we will be obliged to capture your moment in time.  From Event coverage and automotive oriented needs, right down to Family and party photos, we can help.

For inquiries and pricing please contact us:
PHONE: 845-380-1471 ask for Justin

NOTE: We are also text friendly for those clients whom prefer correspondence via text messaging, but we do prefer Email or Phone Call contact. or you can just hit me up on my Facebook Page at anytime.  Look forward to working with you and creating some Precision and Captivating Imagery.


Sample Photos From TVP!

diaz wedding (17 of 255)10.22.2014.jpg
Lil Powell resized (2 of 3).jpg
lambo rigshot with flame(2 of 2)8.11.2013.jpg
Johnstons Toyota FRS (1 of 1)9.15.2013.jpg
jimmy sutter sti new wheels resized (1 of 1).jpg
sway fam 2014 (16 of 22)10.27.2014.jpg
fresh meet summer bash batch one (33 of 64)7.1.2013.jpg
diaz wedding (51 of 255)10.22.2014.jpg
Dyson Racing Green Caterham low front resized (12 of 12).jpg
Dyson Racing Green Caterham exhaust resized(1 of 12).jpg
Dionna Cleopatra re-edit resized (16 of 18).jpg
diaz wedding (24 of 255)10.22.2014.jpg
Dionna Cleopatra Hot Tub resized (1 of 1)-2.jpg
Dionna Cleopatra no logo (15 of 18)11.8.2013.jpg
Dionna Cleopatra day 2 batch 1 flipped (5 of 25)11.21.2013.jpg
Boston 2014 (15 of 53).jpg
ams autowerks meet (90 of 99)9.10.2012_001.jpg
Boston 2014 (11 of 53).jpg
sosa shoot (1 of 43)6.24.2013.jpg
sosa shoot (39 of 43)6.29.2013.jpg
sosa shoot (27 of 43)6.28.2013.jpg
wildlife mountain top resized (3 of 4).jpg
Walkill Creek Snow new logo resized.jpg
Dionna Cleopatra Hot Tub resized (1 of 1).jpg
Volvo S60R resized(1 of 1).jpg
Scott Lowe Porsche Rig Resized (1 of 1).jpg
S60R Lake resized (1 of 1).jpg
Ready Set Drift resized (1 of 5).jpg
ray brown wrx mountain top resized (1 of 1).jpg
punisher midhudson bridge resized (2 of 2).jpg
Nick Hoskins Grand Prix resized (1 of 1).jpg
Morning fog (2 of 2)9.19.2013.jpg
midhudson bridge mountain top resized (1 of 1).jpg
JNA STI Mid hudson Bridge edit (1 of 1)9.13.2013.jpg
hummingbird resized (1 of 3).jpg
Greg T Spec B mountain top resized (1 of 1).jpg
Glass light Painting (1 of 1)3.29.2013_001.jpg
Come Take a Walk In My Shoes (1 of 1)4.30.2013_001.jpg
clouds (1 of 1) resized.jpg
C30 and S60R resized (2 of 3).jpg
bear mountain fort montgomery2.11.2013.jpg
Andrews Gen Coupe Shoot-2 edit2.24.2013.jpg
Allyson Smith resized (2 of 2).jpg
of the

Submitted by Twisted Visionz Photography! Click here for more photos!

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